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Your organization's success relies on the success of your leadership team.

In-person, virtual, and customized training

When’s the last time training actually worked for you?

Too often, training is more lifeless than life changing. Participants take notes but take back little else. There’s no specific application or follow up. Whether through in-person or virtual sessions, Jon applies action learning principles and creates an environment that inspires lasting, positive change in your leaders’ performance. Tell him what results you want from a training experience. He can customize training to your organization. Jon will also work with you to design a framework for ongoing follow-up that adds “stickiness” to the learning experience.

Training Adapted To Your Who, What, When and How

  • Customized
    All training experiences can be tailored to your criteria for success. 
  • In-person or Virtual
    Every program can be delivered in-person or virtually, designed purposefully to engage participants in either format.
  • 1-on-1 Online
    Arrange for optional appointments after each session to provide opportunities for one-on-one conversations with Jon. 
  • Resource-rich
    Participants leave with skills, tools, action steps, game plans and benchmarks.  
  • Personalized
    Every training experience takes into account the roles, responsibilities and challenges of the participants.

Do you want training that sticks?  Two of Jon’s most sought-after training sessions are the Mission Critical Leadership Experience and the Private Label Leadership Academy. Both are described below.  Find a full list of Jon’s training topics, along with a summary of each one, here. The content for each session is customizable to meet your organization’s needs and goals.

The Mission-Critical Leadership Experience

Have you truly leveraged the potential of your leaders?

The Point
Most leadership development focuses on a single direction within the organizational hierarchy: downstream to subordinates. While it is important to be a good boss, leadership involves much more than that. The best leaders learn to lead well in all directions. They lead upward to superiors and across among peers throughout the organization. And it all starts with self-leadership. This often overlooked or misunderstood leadership principle essentially prioritizes building, maintaining and growing a thriving and productive organizational culture. 

The Experience: In-Person or Virtual
How many times have you heard, “We need more from our managers”? But what does that mean?  More of what, and how do you get it?  Jon helps you solve this mystery. The highly interactive experience is based on Jon’s book, Mission-Critical Leadership: How Smart Managers Lead Well in All Directions.  

Jon will customize the Mission-Critical Leadership Experience to focus on relevant leadership gaps, hot buttons and priorities for leadership development in your organization. This experience is typically facilitated as a half or full-day offsite gathering and can be delivered virtually as well.

Who should take this training? Leverage this event’s power to reach leaders from across all levels and departments in your organization.  Doing so not only engages them with the content but also with each other, as they learn what it means to lead well in all directions.  

During this interactive training experience, your leaders will learn to:

  • deliver crucial business results while developing productive working relationships
  • expand their leadership capacity by building a strong personal foundation
  • build unwavering trust with superiors that bolsters their credibility
  • cultivate influential relationships with peers that enable them to lead without role power
  • raise their team’s engagement level and elevate performance
  • develop a leadership pipeline that produces future leaders from within the organization

Participants will leave with actionable steps to:

  • boost confidence
  • improve working relationships
  • break down silos
  • enhance employee engagement
  • build your leadership pipeline
  • develop agile and innovative solutions

Ready to empower your managers to lead in all directions?

Matt Mikel, Manager
John A. Knutson & Co.

Jon has been very influential in my development as a CPA-leader. He helped me develop a leadership development plan that I apply to situations on a daily basis. His facilitation of our group discussions brought out new thoughts and ideas from the group. I have added many of these ideas to my leadership development plan. Not only did Jon apply his leadership coaching techniques to the group to help us develop solutions to real-life problems; he also taught us how to coach others.

Jeff Bassett, Marketing Director
Waterman Communities

Having worked in senior living and health care for 30 years, from nursing assistant up to Executive Director, Jon's presentation on effective leadership was one of the best I've ever heard. I highly recommend his training program, for any organization who is committed to having the best leadership/management team as possible.

Amanda Gosnell, Executive Director
Senior Lifestyle

When I brought Jon in to support my organization, my goal was to enhance the skills of my supervisors. What I didn’t expect is that he would make me a better leader in the process. Rather than simply facilitating pre-designed training sessions, he took the time to understand our unique culture, challenges and opportunities. We partnered together to custom design sessions and a solid follow-up plan that would leave a lasting impact. I feel a greater confidence in driving leadership development on my own as a result of our work together, and I have a stronger team to show for it! We have begun to see the fruits of our efforts in both reduced turnover and customer satisfaction.

Private Label Leadership Academy

Is your leadership pipeline leaking?

Jon Lokhorst offers the Private Label Leadership Academy to help you keep valuable leadership talent within your organization. 

It’s an all-too-common story in organizations: Just as your top people start delivering their best value, and you become aware of their potential, they hit a plateau in their development. They become stagnant, or worse, they leave for another job opportunity. That doesn’t have to happen. When you invest in your emerging leaders and provide a clear path for them to advance to new levels of responsibility, they are more likely to stay with your organization and drive its success.

Build a robust leadership pipeline by partnering with Jon to develop your own private label leadership academy. Establish learning objectives that will equip emerging leaders with the tools to deliver their best value and drive your organization’s future success. 

Jon will help you design a program that develops the skills your leaders need in their current roles and prepare them to advance to the next level. His approach as a coach ensures that participants leave with actionable takeaways to apply their learning to real-life leadership situations right away.


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