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If you want to be a successful leader, you must lead well in all directions. But, how can you successfully master this practice when there are so few proven and practical resources to guide you? That’s why I’ve written Mission-Critical Leadership.

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Donna Schilder, MCC
Executive Coach, Founder, Glacier Point Solutions Inc.

Jon Lokhorst is an excellent public speaker, meeting facilitator, and Leadership Coach. When presenting leadership development material, Jon is insightful and engaging and has much wisdom to offer. I would highly recommend Jon as a speaker, facilitator, or coach.

Stacey Wilson, CAE
VP-Member Services, Indiana CPA Society

Jon’s insights as both a CPA and leadership expert/consultant have taken our Leadership Council program to the next level. The effort and care he gives when designing each session is more than we could have imagined. Not only did he come with great content, but he ensured it aligned with our company’s strategic priorities. Because our program is heavily reliant on participation of the attendees, it’s easy for sessions to get off track. Jon’s ability to pivot in the moment and adjust subsequent trainings as needed is nothing short of amazing.

Erik Barber
President, Inspiration Ministries

Working with Jon has been a transformational experience for me personally and inside our organization. As a 70-year-old organization in the process of building a fresh and exciting vision for our next chapter, Jon has been a critical set of outside eyes, coaching from years of relevant experience. He is adaptable, a strategic-thinker, and delivers great value. I am not the same and neither is our organization.

Andover, MN 55304